Saturday, September 12, 2015

It was with a sad heart that this tail was created to give to a family as a reminder of their recently passed husband and dad.  Todd was made an official Captain by Delta Air Lines prior to his passing.  He was taken at way too young of an age and it is hoped that his family can use this a a reminder of this great man's fight against tough odds.

Nice newlywed presents for two air minded folks

Great items given to clients from a Maintenance Facility in Miami.

Captain Campbell's gift when stepping down as Delta Air Line's first Chief Line Check Pilot on the mighty B-717.
Captain Price's family has this little surprise whatnot for him at his retirement banquet.

Captain Adkins began his career at Western Airlines as a crewmwmber on the B-707.   Although retired from Delta, he never forgot his first love.  

Atlas has been a nice addition to the production options.
Made to a smaller specification, this tail fit nicely on the bookshelf in his "I Love Me" office.
End result of a donation made to the UPS IAP golf tournament.  The lucky winner was able to have any tail created to his liking.  This one turned out nice...

Fun project for a Delta Captain....he had the pleasure of flying all three seats on the B-727.  His wings reflect the progression of his time in the "Three Holer"

Nice little Christmas gift from a UAL pilot to his older brother

Its been quite awhile since the site has been are just a few tails that have been created, lately.